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Prominent ensembles with glass lamination

Lamination is a technique where, for example, pictures, fabric or even LED-lights are put between two glass surfaces. Lamination makes it possible to create prominent and unique ensembles

Evalam film allows for lamination of glass in demanding places

Evalam film is an EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)- based interlayer material for the production of laminated safety glass. It has excellent adhesion and durability features. A laminated piece of glass becomes moisture-proof and it can be installed without a frame in moist places and outdoors, even in a high-temperature location. Sound insulation can also be added to the glass with the help of Evalam film, as well as making UV-absorbent glass.

Kaune Visual™ – implementing photo glasses

We also specialize in the production of photo glasses with the help of a Viewcol film. The Viewcol film allows for the import of high-resolution images or text materials in any format between two glass surfaces. The final image is very sharp, the hues are deep and the gradients soft.

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Resin lamination is especially fit for laminating antique and decorative glass

Resin lamination or liquid lamination is made by filling the space between two glass sheets with a two-component epoxy resin. The thickness of the lamination is chosen between 1-3 mm, depending on the target. It is also possible to choose a specific hue in resin lamination. Objects that can withstand the resin can also be laminated between the glass sheets. The resin and dyes that we use are resistant to UV radiation which means they are also fit for outdoor use.

The most common uses for resin lamination are:

  • Production of sound insulation glass
  • Lamination of antique and decorative glass into safety glass
  • Burglary-proofing glasses in outer walls and doors
  • Interior elements in glass walls and doors and railing glass due to the wide color scheme (translucent and opaque colors, patterns).