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A diverse range of different mirrors

A mirror is a reflective glass. The reflectiveness can be achieved by coating the other side of the mirror with metal like silver or copper. A mirror can be used to create an illusion of space inside, or for practical reasons for example in bathrooms. Other uses for mirror glass is, for example, gyms, dance studios, and public spaces.

Our range includes illuminated mirrors, anti-fog mirrors, framed mirrors, surveillance mirrors as well as different colored and decorated mirror materials. There is also an outstanding range of antique and decorated mirrors on offer. The mirrors are cut and polished according to the measurements of the installation target.

A surveillance mirror allows for seeing through the glass from the other side

A surveillance mirror is a type of glass that allows you to see through only from one side. This feature is only possible when lighting circumstance is at least 7:1 between the observer and the observed.



Mirrors are used to create an illusion of space inside. Typical uses for mirrors are bathrooms, gyms, dance studios, and public spaces.

Illuminated mirrors

Illuminated mirrors bring luxury into the bathroom. Illuminated mirrors are perfect for, for example, bathrooms in hotel rooms.

Anti-fog mirrors

Anti-fog mirrors are especially handy in a bathroom that’s connected to a shower.

Framed mirrors

Framed mirrors bring a little bit of personality into a space. You can, for example, bring a specific color into the interior.