Insulation glass

Insulating heat and sound with the help of insulation glass

Insulation glass is a glass element that has two or more glass panels airtightly combined together. In-between the glass other gases can be used instead of air to enhance the heat and sound insulation of the insulation glass. Noble gases such as argon and krypton decrease condensation of moisture on the insulation glass because the air that is normally inside the glass is replaced by a dry noble gas. This also means the desiccant in-between lasts for longer when it does not have to dry out the initial moisture caused by the air.

Insulation glasses are used comprehensively in different types of buildings as heat and sound insulation, similarly to sun, fire and burglary protection. Insulation glass can be installed in all windows and doors that are made of wood, metal or PVC. Typically, insulation glass is used in shop windows, roof windows, green house glasses, and fixed windows.