Glazing for bathrooms

Stylish glazing for bathrooms and saunas

A cozy bathroom is functional and pleasing to the eye. Large glass walls and corners are fashionable in modern bathrooms. Glass on a sauna wall or door has also become a wanted element. You can find plenty of stylish glass products suitable for damp conditions in our range.

Shower corners and walls made of safety glass

We deliver shower corners and dividers either from our standard collection or then we can produce them according to the buyer’s dimensions and wishes. The glasses are always made from safety glass and the mounts and profiles are stainless. By utilizing a sandblasting pattern or a pattern film, unique and showy results can be achieved.

Glass doors and walls for the sauna

Glass walls for the sauna is always made of toughened glass, either an individual glass sheet or insulation glass. In addition to the standard colors of the float glass (clear, black, grey, brown, green, blue), special glass that is fit for toughening like etched glass (opal glass) can be used.

Mounts for glass construction are typically made of stainless materials and the glass options are mentioned above.

The products are always produced according to specifications with the dimensions and material desired by the buyer.



Kaune Ghost coating

Save time and money with Kaune Ghost coating. This is a treatment that repels dirt that is perfectly suited for shower glass. Kaune Ghost glass treatment helps when cleaning the shower glass and repels soap, stains, and dirt. Kaune Ghost reduces your cleaning time by 90%.

Untreated glass is layered and, consequently, it soaks up different kinds of dirt which makes cleaning difficult. Shower glass accumulates mineral matter, water, shampoo, soap and body fat, and requires strong detergents which can cause discoloration of the glass.

Kaune Ghost is a very thin, transparent glass coating, that sticks to the surface and protects from both water and oil-based stains. The coating works like a Teflon pan, which makes cleaning easier. You can wipe it with a microfiber cloth, mild detergent or vinegar if needed. You don’t need strong detergents.



  • Reduces cleaning time and keeps the glass clean for longer
  • Excellent protection from discoloration
  • One treatment lasts for years
  • Zero maintenance
  • Is fit for both new and existing glass
  • Environmentally friendly – strong chemicals are not needed for cleaning

Warranty 10 years

  • Extensive testing has proven the benefits of Kaune Ghost for over 10 years, which means we will offer a limited 10-year warranty for all new glass surfaces when the coating is applied by an Kaune Ghost expert.
  • Existing, treatable glass surfaces are given a 5-year limited warranty.
  • Test results are based on 10 years of normal use and were made in Tüv Rheinland, Germany.