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Fire-retardant glass

Fire-retardant glass protects from flames and smoke

The purpose of fire-retardant glass is to provide a good protection from flames and smoke. Fire-retardant glass is either float glass (starting from the thickness of 5 mm), laminated glass or double insulation glass.

When choosing a fire-retardant glass, the required class and fire protective rating must be determined. Fire-retardant glass is delivered to the buyer made to measure. Minimum and maximum sizes are manufacturer-specific, and they should be checked on a case-by-case basis.


Classifications of fire-retardant glass

Fire-retardant glass is divided into three categories: E, EW and EI classes. The series of numbers after the class determines their fire protective rating, which is a measure of how many minutes they can resist fire (E30, EI60, etc.).

E class (tightness)

  • No flames or hot smoke gets into the unburned side
  • A cotton pad must not catch fire
  • No flames (over 10 seconds long) occur on the outside surface of the test sample

EW class (thermal radiation)

  • Just like E class
  • In addition, the measured thermal radiation of the glass element cannot be over 15 kW/m2

EI class (thermal insulation)

  • Thermally insulating glass
  • On the unburned side, the average temperature of the glass surface may not rise 140 degrees above the initial temperature.