Diverse aluminum construction

Familiarize yourself with aluminum structure projects we’ve done in the past!

Marasi Business Bay Water Homes, Dubai

We implemented the aluminum structures of all the windows and doors as well as interior glazing of ten floating villas in the Marasi Business Bay of Dubai. Products by Schüco were utilized as aluminum structures. We also implemented the gorgeous pillarless glass railings outside of the villas.


Floating villa: Abu Dhabi

We were involved in the implementation of the Abu Dhabi Floating luxury Villa that was constructed for the sheik of Dubai. We were responsible for all the aluminum structures of all the windows and doors as well as the interior glazing in the 6000 square-meter, 80-meter long and 25-meter wide villa. The aluminum structures were implemented using products by Schücon.

H-house, Central hospital of Vaasa

Completed in 2018, the Central hospital of Vaasa’s H-house is a good example of utilizing Kaune Smartglass™ in operating rooms and patient room windows. We implemented all aluminum and glass structures in the Central hospital of Vaasa’s H-house.. The hospital’s interior smart glass structures were made to be fire retardant firewalls.

Gatorade center

A place where large public events take place and HC TPS’s home hall, Gatorade Center is known for the large glass façade implemented by Kaune. In addition to the Entrance giant glass wall, Kaune has implemented the interior and exterior glass and aluminum structures of the Gatorade Center.

Ravintola Brasserie, Regatta SPA Hotel, Hanko

We were involved in renovating the Regatta Spa Hotel’s Restaurant Brasserie located in Hanko. We delivered the aluminum and glass structures for the glass ceilings and glass doors of Restaurant Brasserie.

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