Aluminum systems

High-quality aluminum structures ensure a property is energy efficient

Aluminum is a long-lasting and strong building material that is used, for example, in the building, shipbuilding and automotive industries. Aluminum endures corrosion, weather conditions and UV radiation excellently – which is why it’s chosen time and time again as a building material all around the world.

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Aluminum structures according to dimensions

You will find energy-efficient aluminum structures for doors, windows, facades and glass ceilings in our range. Aluminum structures combined with multifunctional glass guarantees excellent protection from the sun and heat insulation. We also produce structures with features such as being burglar- and fireproof. We utilize Sapa Selection and Aluprof aluminum solutions in our work.

Liftable sliding doors that are watertight and insulating

We’re always developing something new so that we can serve our customers in the best possible way. Right now, one of our most popular products is a liftable sliding door that is light enough to open easily, that can be dimensioned for an opening up to 3000 x 3000 mm. The liftable sliding door is very watertight and has excellent heat insulation. This makes it a perfect fit for a terrace door. When it’s open, the inside and outside of the terrace, so to speak, blend together.




Aluminum is a reliable and long-lasting material for windows of all sizes. Aluminum windows are always made to the customer’s specifications and can be delivered as openable or non-openable as well as pre-glazed if the customer wishes it.

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Aluminum doors are light to use and durable. Like with our aluminum windows, our aluminum doors have countless coating options and the possibility to deliver them pre-glazed.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are a functional and popular interior door solution for large and small spaces. Sliding doors divide the space in a stylish manner and make the room more open, increasing the floor area. We deliver the sliding doors installed and pre-glazed but you can always install them by yourself if you wish.

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Facade walls

A glass facade is a showy solution that gives a property a luxurious and modern appearance. It also brings a lot of natural light and openness to a space. It is possible to include openable windows and doors in the glass facades.

Glass ceiling

A glass ceiling is a gorgeous solution that brings a lot of natural light into the interior of a building. A glass ceiling improves the comfort of the property and creates an open look. It’s a beautiful choice for both small and large buildings.

Terrace glazing

Terrace glazing is an added convenience for the residents and increases the property value of the building itself. Due to the glazing, the living space extend to the outside, and it is possible to use the terrace in the wintertime as well. Terrace glazing reduces the harmful effects of wind, rain, dust, and noise on the terrace all year.